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An Interveiw with Ali Zafar
An Interview with Salman Khan
An Interview with Amitabh Bachan
An Interview with Shahrukh Khan
An Interview with Ayushmann Khurrana
 Celebrities Interview
  An Interveiw with Ali Zafar
Getting totally candid with Pakistan’s star in Bollywood, Ali Zafar.
According to Ali Zafar, “People on both sides of the Pak-India border often have false perceptions about each other but there are also an increasing number of people that are looking past the stereotypes,” says Ali Zafar whose new  read more..
  An Interview with Salman Khan
Hindustan Times:

There comes a stage, when we take stock of things. And Salman Khan clearly seems to be in that decided phase of his life. Unshackling his troubled thoughts and mentally liberating himself from all his extra baggage, Salman, we gathered from this hour-long conversation, is a new m  read more..
  An Interview with Amitabh Bachan
"Dilip Kumar is my idol" - Amitabh Bachchan

Q. Which films were part of your growing up years?

In English there were mainly Laurel And Hardy comedies and fairy tales like Snow White and Cinderella. In Hindi cinema, early awareness would be associated with films like Jagriti (1954),  read more..
  An Interview with Shahrukh Khan
"My mom thought that I looked like Dilip Kumar" - Shah Rukh Khan

Q. What was your movie-going experience as a child?

The first movie I ever saw in a theatre was Joshila. I used to be bad in Hindi and my mother (Lateef Fatima) told me if I got 10/10 in the subject, she would take me  read more..
  An Interview with Ayushmann Khurrana
"There was no point in talking to Kunal Kohli" - Ayushmann Khurrana

Q. How does it feel to be star?

It feels great. Wining the Filmfare Award has made me a star. People have begun to see me in a different light. I had my own conspiracy theories about award ceremonies. I believed I w  read more..
  An Interview with John Abraham
"I am here today because of the way I think" - John Abraham

You selected a unique subject, ‘sperm donation’ in your first production Vicky Donor and it swept the awards this season...

When we’d tell people that we were doing a film on sperm donation; there’d be silence, like they  read more..
  An Interview with Ranbhir Kapoor

“Deepika and I share a great history”

The young Kapoor scion has been on a high with the variety of challenges that he has accepted as an actor from Rajneeti to Rockstar, and then as Barfi. Ranbir Kapoor has made a strong mark in the industry which goes beyond his illustrious lineage  read more..
  An Interview with Simi Garewal

‘‘I regret not having a child’’ - Simi Garewal

A few facts about Simi Garewal you ought to know at the onset. A) She’s not stuck up. Prim ‘n proper, yes. Snooty, no. B) She’s a delight to spend time with and in no small part, because she’s big on theatrics. And c) the target of her b  read more..
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